Monday, 29 March 2010

Make Money With Mylook

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Mylook is one another search engine web just like Yahoo, Google n etc.. but the difference is Mylook help us earn money while using it.. just search anything and you will get shares that bring it to be dividens/reward.. but it only counted for 5 times for the search..

For each successful signup MyLook give YOU 5 shares AND 20% of that persons shares! That's a whole days worth of searching and more, with no limit! Simply email the following link to your friends, or post it on twitter or facebook and when people join up, you'll be rewarded!

MyLook is the new search engine "owned" by it's users. For each search that a user does through that user is rewarded with 1 "share" in MyLook. These are not shares that are on a stock exchange but shares as part of the real life game that is MyLook. When dividends are awarded you will receive a real life money payment for each share you hold in MyLook.

Sign up now and start building up your shares today!

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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Being A Woman

i was so grateful that i was born to be a woman ..yahoobut some not.. i was looking at my surrounding, there are some woman who just like to get married, having kids, love kids and want to live happily.. but back then, when come to their duty as a wife.. where are their responsibility? for me, before get married, we should prepare ourself to face whats come forward after we gate married!!!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Got it

hey, hey.. i already install this cute little icons.. i too late? well i dont care

My First Post

Before this i was just like blogging for fun but, here know i'm starting new blog that i will focusing on giving people some information that might be useful and adding some knowledge. at the same time i want to add some pocket money.

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